Electronic dubstep/trance, and hip hop laced with West Javanese instruments and Aboriginal language and chants.

The tale of the old man Emu hunter who went into the scrub in search of the elusive Emu and its prized feathers.

Talk, walk and sit upon the red earth. Look to the night sky and speak in your Mother Tongue.

A song that is usually accompained by a dance, teaches very young children the movements and characteristics of three animals.

Guruman – Kangaroo
Budjar – Eagle Hawk
Ngurunj – Old Emu.

This is taught so that when the young children are old enough to hunt they will recognise each animal
and possess the knowledge enabling them to approach the animals at close range.

This song tells the story of three White Bellied Eagles in the cloudy sky that opened to the east and the observation of their hunting habits to benefit the tribe.

Tjupurru : Didjeribone, Facebass
Fred Leone : Vocals, Percussion and Pan Pipes
Luke Fabila : Maschine
Efiq Zulfiqar : Suling, Kacapi, Jaw Harp, Flute, EWI 5000
Special Guest : Jake Fabila – Vocal Scratching